UHNW Prefer Multi-Family Offices, Here’s Why!
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UHNW Prefer Multi-Family Offices, Here’s Why!

All over the world the ultra-high net worth families are the most desired type of clients for investment planning, wealth management, insurance plans, etc. Such families have the kind of money needed for investment and they are keen to expand their wealth in a systematic way. A few family offices are always on the lookout to acknowledge such UHNWs so that they can meet their financial concerns and needs for a long term.

Demand for MFOs

Julio Lage, investment advisor Belvedere Group of family offices, commented about a recent survey that clearly showed the demand of multi-family offices among the ultra-high net worth families. Over 75% of the surveyed families wanted to work with MFOs. The rest percentage chose investment advisors and wealth management companies. Thus, it concludes that MFOs are the most preferred form of asset and wealth management organizations on whom the ultra-high net individuals trust.

Expectations of the UHNWs from Multi-family offices

Multi-family offices are present in several variations. Wealthy families expect certain results from their chosen wealth management offices. In addition, they look for a certain trait in a proficient family office that can adapt to any financial situation without being reckless. UHNW individuals want such offices to foresee such issues and come up with the most appropriate solutions.
A majority of ultra-high net worth individual choose multi-family firms for their responsive actions and comprehensive attitude towards critical reasoning in terms of financial decision-making. Most ultra-rich families are searching for ultra-wealthy solutions. Thus, they find MFOs as the most professional and efficient service providers for their requirements. In addition, their (wealthy families) preference are not limited to just financial services. A capable multi-family office will also guide its UHNW client in lifestyle and administrative techniques.
The ultra-rich individuals have another reason behind choosing such family offices, which is diversification. Almost 90% of the UHNW families would have chosen a single-family firm if they could afford that. However, an MFO can work together with multiple families and cooperate in handling the finances and managing them properly with mutual understanding. However, it does require proper judgement as choosing a great MFO can help in progressing in financial planning.
Belvedere Group of multi-family offices is a preferable choice that is run by Julio Lage as one of its co-founders. The organization is a great start for ultra-wealthy families to organize their monetary assets for a better and lucrative future.
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